Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Story, what should the title be? I need YOUR input!

I'm writing a Zombie Apocalypse Story, and I need your help deciding the title! I've narrowed it down to these 23 ideas. They're all the titles of Evanescence songs. Please either email me at or leave a comment below and tell me your top 5 choices out of these. Also, if you have any other title ideas that I didn't include here, your input is greatly appreciated! That you all for your help!
- All That I'm Living For

- Breathe No More

- Bring Me To Life

- Demise

- Disappear

- End Of The Dream

- Erase This

- Even In Death

- Exodus

- Farther Away

- Field Of Innocence

- Haunted

- Hello

- I Must Be Dreaming

- Like You

- Lose Control

- Made Of Stone

- Missing

- My Immortal

- My Last Breath

- Sick

- The Only One

- Your Star